Our company

Alles fir meng Gesondheet, elo och an engem Letzeburger Internetshop.

Taking care of your health and well-being, getting information and buying health and care products online, now with masante.lu it is possible in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the greater region and beyond.

On masante.lu you will discover only quality brands and products, as well as valuable information in the following areas:

  • Dental care: toothpaste (whitening agent for yellowed, stained teeth), medical toothbrushes (sensitive gums), interdental brushes and dental floss to prevent parondite, mouthwashes, tongue scrapers, products to counter bad breath (halitosis), and Sonic toothbrush. All these products are recommended by dentists.
  • Muscle and joint pain: Cooling gel, muscle relaxants and painkillers, cold sprays and cold packs for sportsmen and women and for the whole family in case of contusions, sports accidents, sprains, tendonitis, joint pain, magnesium cream (cramps).
  • Products for babies and young mothers: Dr Brown anti-colic bottles, cups, teats, soothers and teething rings, breast pump, nursing pads, the forehead remote thermometer and mosquito repellent products.
  • Wellness, anti-stress, Discover the intelligent multivitamin and trace element complex that takes care of your immune system, energizing vitamins to boost your form, selenium, tryptophan to prevent burnout and sleep disorders.


is a brand of Promopharm S.A. 4, rue Nicolas Wester L-5836 Alzingen.

For any information or contact, do not hesitate to call us at +352 36 63 96 43.