Selenium, but what is it?

It's a trace element, an active ingredient.

Our main source of selenium are the proteins we consume, whether animal or vegetable proteins. Selenium is naturally integrated in proteins and the amount of selenium in our food is directly dependent on the amount and (bio)availability of selenium in the soil. As a result, selenium deficiencies in the population are observed especially in areas where the soil is poor in this element. Both Luxembourg and Germany, with their rather acidic soils, have relatively little selenium in the soil with reduced bioavailability.

In order to reduce the risk of deficiency in the population, the European Union decided a few years ago to supplement the feed of farm animals with selenium, which is why humans obtain most of the selenium they need from the meat they eat. Fish in general, poultry meat and eggs are also excellent sources of selenium. Thus, in our regions, experts estimate that our diet only covers about 65% of our daily needs. In terms of quantity, an intake of 20 to 100 micrograms of selenium per day is necessary for the proper functioning of our body. This need may be increased in the event of pregnancy, unbalanced dietary hygiene, alcoholism, smoking or in the event of illness (cancer, kidney failure, heart problems, thyroiditis, lymphoedema, etc.).

People at risk of developing severe selenium deficiency are people who are parenterally fed for a long period of time, people undergoing dialysis treatment, pregnant women, people with high exposure to heavy metals, people who abuse alcohol or tobacco, and vegetarians.

Therefore, it is important to monitor your intake so that you do not take too much (too much, although very rare, can be toxic) or too little (a deficiency leads to immune and cardiovascular disorders).

Therefore, it is essential to be careful and not to suffer from Selenium deficiency. In a society where we are constantly talking about multiple protein intake, it is essential to ensure a perfect intake.

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