We had already taken the parents' temperature for or against pacifiers, the debate indicated a flagrant ignorance of the latest developments of medical brands in the field of our little angels. Indeed, many still had in mind the teats of our grandmothers' time: devastating for the children's jaws and causing, for example, deformation of the palate.

Today, this time is over, it is even a revolution in the field, a manufacturer (Curaprox) has reversed the problem by partnering with orthodontists to develop their product and finally respond to parents' fears. Together they developed the perfect pacifier. They dissected every stage of a child's growth that could be problematic and made it an ideal tool perfectly adapted to the evolution of the jaws of newborns.

Babies can suckle with peace of mind. As proven by the soothers in the Curaprox Baby range, their flat top leaves space for the tongue and thus prevents the tongue from digging in, preventing dental malpositioning as well as breathing, sleeping and concentration problems. The side wings divert the suction pressure to the jaws rather than to the palate, helping to create a well rounded dental arch.

In short, forget grandma's speeches, opt without hesitation for Curaprox Baby pacifiers and don't feel guilty about seeing your child with a pacifier. It will only be happiness for you and the child!

We will add their biofunctionality; therefore useful for a natural growth of the teeth. Contains no harmful substances such as bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates or azo dyes.

The choice of an intelligent, even supportive teat is finally available for all caring parents. Discover the Curaprox Baby range!

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