Brushing your teeth in the morning and in the evening is commonplace, logical for the health of your teeth and assimilated in the daily life of the majority of the general public, concerned about their oral hygiene.

Brushing your teeth at lunchtime, or in the afternoon after a snack, is much less obvious...
We quickly give up the essential gesture that could prevent cavities, stains and most often leads us to additional scaling or unexpected dental care that we could have done without.
In addition, the light smile, the beautiful whiteness of the smiles of the stars that we sometimes envy escapes with a cup of coffee or tea or the famous glass of red wine at lunchtime. However, a simple brushing after the meal would be enough to eliminate stains and risk of cavities. The practical and concrete solution, chewing gum! But not just any chewing gum: "Black Is White".

This chewing gum is a real treatment for oral health! It contains activated carbon to make teeth whiter. With its carbon-based principle that contains activated carbon, it eliminates discoloration and makes teeth whiter without damaging them.

Like its big brother, the real Curaprox "Black Is White" toothpaste, it contains hydroxylapatite which fills the holes that begin to form and remineralizes the tooth enamel. Glycose oxidase ensures a balanced oral flora and has an antibacterial effect. Finally, xylitol offers protection against caries and provides a sweet taste.

With its black and white appearance, it will surprise you and your friends and delight you with its lemon-filled taste full of minty freshness.

If you are looking for the ideal companion for dental hygiene with a whitening AND protective effect, you can't miss Curaprox "Black Is White" gum from Curaprox!

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